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Check out our products – wooden products that will change the interior of every home, such as:

  • wooden boxes
  • shelves for fruit and vegetables
  • wine racks
  • chests and trunks
  • stools
  • flower stands
  • kitchen boards

After going to the right product category, you can see the patterns we offer, check the dimensions and color versions. According to interior designers, wood is the basis for a good design – it is difficult to disagree with this. Wood products are timeless and global – invariably for 20 years we have been producing our goods and exporting them mainly to the European Union countries.

The use of our wooden boxes

Our racks are ideal for storing vegetables and fruit. Wine racks will accommodate many bottles of various drinks, and kitchen boards will work both in everyday use and during family celebrations as the so-called flavor boards.

The same boxes can be used in a living room and a study. You can create bookshelves or shelves for decorations from them. They can also be used to store blankets or pillows, and even as a pet bed. By adding wooden flower stands to this, you will create beautiful arrangements.

Smaller boxes will work well in a bathroom for organizing cosmetics or storing towels and other accessories. You can put them in drawers or leave them in plain sight, where they will additionally have a decorative function.

Large chests will look unique on the balcony and terrace. In them, too, you can store blankets and pillows so that they are always at hand. After appropriate protection, you can put them in the garden as benches and make a tool store inside.

Trunks, as well as other types of boxes, can be also placed in a children’s bedroom, acting as toy containers and making the room look cozier. Chairs and stools will be useful in play and relaxation.

As you can see, our products can be used in every room in the house, in the garden or in the garage – here they are perfect for storing keys, screwdrivers and smaller workshop machines.

Our offer is addressed to wholesalers – we prefer purchases in whole-car quantities.

In the wholesale and retail offer we have RUF wood briquette, produced exclusively from our sawdust, without the addition of binding substances.

We guarantee high quality products,
short delivery times and competitive prices.
We invite wholesalers for cooperation.